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The Most Important Meal?

I never really wanted to eat breakfast, but I usually did it anyways. This all changed once I decided to just eat “how I felt” (and enjoyed).

I’ve heard all the reasons for eating a big breakfast, I’ve done my own research, and in the end I think it is not that “important” as it is made out to be. Simply put…here’s why:

  1. The idea you need to “fuel” up for the day does not take into account your ability to burn stored fat for energy (as wouldn’t you rather do that?).
  2. People saying that skipping breakfast leads to a crashing metabolism, are false in their statement (as you will see why below).
  3. The most important meal of the day…is a tie. Calories matter in the overall daily picture. If you eat less in a whole day with or without breakfast, then there is no magic to weight loss other than lower daily calories.

Now you may be thinking: “Wait a minute…when you eat breakfast you ‘jump start‘ that metabolism!”

Well that “jump start” is really just the increased energy it takes to digest that food (also known as the thermic effect of food..or TEF for short). So in a sense, breakfast does increase immediate energy expenditure…

But here’s where it gets fun. Assuming you eat the same amount of calories over the entire day (24 hours), the TEF overall is still the same. So even if you don’t eat breakfast, you will still have that increased energy expenditure later on with meals.

Which also brings me to point #2

“But I Don’t Want to Crash My Metabolism!!”

Mainstream has done a good job of scaring people into eating all the time in fear of some instantaneous “starvation mode” and catastrophic metabolic slowdown.

However the science says otherwise.

I’ve done the research and looked at the studies on meal frequency, and that instant “crashing” metabolic slowdown has never been proven.

Skipping a meal or eating less number of them does not “crash” it. That also means that eating more meals (daily calorie load the same) does not “speed up” your metabolism either (like every fad diets tells you to do).

There is no solid evidence that six small meals a day instead of three will speed metabolism ~ New York Time Online 2010

In fact, it seems that your body is more optimally hormonally primed for fat burning in the morning…something a big breakfast to “fuel up” will only shut down.

Unleasing Your Fat Burning

Here’s how burning that stored fat really happens.

Fat cells are holding onto stored fat and waiting for instructions to “release” them into the blood stream. Those instructions come through various “hormones”.

Once released into the bloodstream, now called free fatty acids (or FFAs), those FFAs can be used as a fuel source (or stored again).

Managing Hormones

The “big” hormone to come into play is insulin. An essential hormone in your overall health, but also one when elevated signals more “storing” and less “releasing” to the fat cells.

Other key hormones that tell the fat cells to “release” stored fats (such as Growth Hormone, glucagon and adrenaline/noradrenaline), are lowered in response to increasing insulin.

Morning Time is Fat Burning Time

When you wake up, you are in a “fasted” state (haven’t eaten food in 8+ hours). This is when your body is lowest in insulin levels, and is a prime time for accessing stored fat for energy.

So what happens when you eat a big breakfast?

Insulin goes up…and stored fat releasing (and hormones involved) will just go down.

While calories still matter for the day in overall weight gain/loss, you are also not taking advantage of the best time to “attack that stored fat” by eating a big breakfast.

Personally I’d would rather take the “easy” way to getting and staying lean. Wouldn’t you?

Attack that Fat in the AM

Why not instead just use that morning time to access more stored fat and eat your main meals later on?

Remember in part 1, I gave you information that eating more often or skipping a meal will NOT “crash” your metabolism.

The trick now is keeping that “low energy intake” (or “fasting”) state going from overnight to access more stored fat.

In fact, times of “intermittent fasting/feeding” (or IF for short) have been shown to lower insulin and increase FFAs more than any other kind of reduced calorie eating plan.

This idea of using short periods of “IF” as a way to target fat burning, is what makes this all so simple and effective.

More Energy, Focus and Freedom!

Since using this “IF” style of eating for years, I (and many others) have also experienced some other surprising benefits

  • Easy way to get and stay lean (no more yo-yo weight battles)
  • Steady daily energy (no more mid morning crashes)
  • Increased alertness and focus (more productive for sure)
  • Peaked performance in sports/activities
  • Re-tuned natural hunger for optimal nutrient intake later on
  • Most importantly the “freedom” from ever having to worry/obsess about food and diets all day long

The ancient Greeks–the finest of people, physically and mentally, that ever lived–ate but two meals a day. ~ The Hygienic System: Orthotrophy; Dr Shelton; 1935

Maintaining the “Sweet Spot”

In using any kind of eating strategy, it is important for you to understand how the whole body reacts at the hormonal level.

There is an overall balance that needs to be taken into consideration for long term success.

Your body in fact can react with overall positive responses from this low/no food stress (such as lowering insulin levels and increasing FFAs), but only when it is short and/or intermittent.

This is that “sweet spot” of more energy, fat burning and optimal muscle definition (or “tone”). The right balance between times of stress and recovery.

But if the stress load on the body overall is in excess (or chronic), it can take results in a different direction.

This is especially important when you start targeting that stubborn fat and lower bodyfat %s.

Too many go to extremes, overload the body with stress and end up eventually hitting that dreaded “crash and burn”. Then what can happen is weight loss plateaus, low energy, and even more stubborn fat gain!

Avoiding this is key…and something I have help so many understand and overcome throughout the years.

Become Your Own “Expert”

Once you just understand what can work and known how to make the right adjustments in your lifestyle, then you will no longer need any more “experts” to tell you what to do.

You’ll just “get it”, and know what needs to be done.

That’s what I want for you. That freedom from diets, obsessive eating and experts.

So long ago I put it all into one easy read, and have continued to update and improve as the years have gone by.

The (Updated) 2 Meal Solution

This is what I consider the essential manual for those wanting to undertake a simple intermittent feeding/fasting based lifestyle, and leave those complicated diets behind.

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What I’ve put inside these 100 pages includes:

  • What no one in the mainstream diet industry seems to be willing to tell you about eating and weight loss
  • Why the fears of a slowed down metabolism and loss of muscle are overblown by the weight loss industry
  • The important difference between just restricting calories and using intermittent feeding 2 Meal windows
  • 5 main eating rules to remember…especially the “infamous” IFOC rule
  • Most overlooked and common setbacks that you can easily avoid before they take your 2 Meal lifestyle in the wrong direction (including that dreaded metabolic “crash”)
  • Why working out the wrong way can have a severe negative effect when used with 2 Meals, and a specific layout of the ideal workout program and what it should consist of
  • The 2 biggest lifestyle factors (outside of exercise) that have to be addressed if you want the 2 Meal program to work for you…as too many have “burned out” because they ignored them
  • How to effective move into a more “daily” 2 Meal approach, and what warning signs to look out for along the way
  • …and much more.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction. ~ Albert Einstein

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Mike O’Donnell
Health and Fitness Trainer/Coach, IF Life creator and 2 Meal Solution Author

PS. If you think that only complex diets work, then this is not for you. If you want to be told by some “expert” what to eat every second of the day, this is not for you. If you want a simple way to eat and learn how to take back control of your results, then you are in the right place!

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