How To Build Sleeve Ripping Arms By Working Out Your LEGS!?

If you want to build a monstrous chest and massive arms then this short article will show you exactly how you can accomplish that… without… spending any extra time working those specific muscles out.

In fact, I will show you the little known secret of how you can build a huge chest and arms by working your LEGS!

Does this sound strange?

Many bodybuilders and weight lifters might agree that this sounds strange. But that is why they still have scrawny arms and a small chest.

Your Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake lifters make trying to build a bigger chest and guns…

You see, the problem is that most weight lifters spend too much time doing isolation exercises for their arms and chest in a futile attempt to build a massive upper body…

Why is this bad?

This is bad because a primary factor of muscle growth is making sure you jack up your levels of testosterone, growth hormone, and other “body chemicals”… this is what signals your body to “grow more muscle!”

The absolute best way to raise the levels of these chemicals in your body is by intense exercise that involves your WHOLE body (or as much of it as possible)… and not just certain parts (like you would do with pure isolation exercises for your arms or chest).

So when weight lifters spend too much time doing lots of different workouts for their arms (curls, etc)… and lots of different exercises for their chest (bench, flies, etc)… they’re only working out small muscle groups and not putting their whole body under enough stress to signal muscle growth. (are you making this same mistake?)

So What’s The Answer?

The answer is to work out ALL of your body as much as possible. Especially the biggest muscles of your body. Like your legs and back and THEN your chest, arms, etc.

The best way to accomplish this is to start with multi-joint (compound) exercises and lifts like the Squat and dead-lift before you go on to isolation exercises like specific arm exercises (curls, pushdowns, etc) and chest exercises (bench press, dumbbell flies, etc).

So, if you’re ready to stop fooling around on exercises that are just wasting your time… and you want to build a shirt-popping chest and monstrous arms (like “Ahnold”) then you need to work out your whole body — and don’t forget the LEGS… follow the guidelines in this article and you’re sure to start building muscle fast almost overnight!

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