Misleading HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup) Commericals

Here’s a quick post for everyone as I feel it is important that we all need some awareness of a recent marketing trend of the High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) industry, and then some humor to recover and brighten our day and weekend. This is the Yin-Yang of posts.

The Yin (night) Part – High Fructose Corn Syrup

I will start with something I saw on TV this week and has been all the “rage” (not the good kind) among health/fitness bloggers and forums. Before I start, you can watch it first for yourself:

When I saw it, I had to stop and say “did that commercial really happen?”. Was it a dream? Nope. So apparently, shame on the woman for saying HFCS is bad for you. (oh and that is just 1 of 2 commercials with the same message) Wow! I think it was my buddy Greg at Performance Menu who said it best “It’s a hell of a strategy – making people feel like dumb ass(censored) for being concerned with their health.” Is that what the message was? I’m not the only one outraged by it as Ross at Rosstraining came out swinging and Scott at Modern Forager also had something to say.

So what is so bad about HFCS?

Well most artificial sweeteners are not what the body was meant to eat or process. While some can get away with it in small doses, most are taking it in high doses and don’t even know about it (as HFCS is everywhere!). Ever hear of “fatty liver”? When your most powerful fat burning organ, the liver, basically gets an excessive build up of fat inside of it. Usually seen in obese and people who drink alot (alcohol)….but it’s basically only the way to liver disfunction.

Malfuctioning liver = bad fat burning metabolism = increased insulin resistance = obesity and disease

So where does all the fructose have to go to get processed, guess where? The liver! Where it deposits more and more fat…..see the trend? HFCS is causing metabolic disfunction with the liver, and leading to weight gain (as find someone with fatty liver disease and they probably have weight issues as well). How can one turn this around? Simple….take the stress off the liver which means little to no (none is better) fructose!

From Weston Price comes this tidbit that explains why it is everywhere….because it is CHEAP and SWEET. (note healthy is not the reason manufacturers put it in there, although there are still allowed to market it as “all natural” because it came from corn.)

Until the 1970s most of the sugar we ate came from sucrose derived from sugar beets or sugar cane. Then sugar from corn–corn syrup, fructose, dextrose, dextrine and especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)–began to gain popularity as a sweetener because it was much less expensive to produce. High fructose corn syrup can be manipulated to contain equal amounts of fructose and glucose, or up to 80 percent fructose and 20 percent glucose.2 Thus, with almost twice the fructose, HFCS delivers a double danger compared to sugar.

(With regards to fruit, the ratio is usually 50 percent glucose and 50 percent fructose, but most commercial fruit juices have HFCS added. Fruit contains fiber which slows down the metabolism of fructose and other sugars, but the fructose in HFCS is absorbed very quickly.)

In 1980 the average person ate 39 pounds of fructose and 84 pounds of sucrose. In 1994 the average person ate 66 pounds of sucrose and 83 pounds of fructose, providing 19 percent of total caloric energy.3 Today approximately 25 percent of our average caloric intake comes from sugars, with the larger fraction as fructose.4

High fructose corn syrup is extremely soluble and mixes well in many foods. It is cheap to produce, sweet and easy to store. It’s used in everything from bread to pasta sauces to bacon to beer as well as in “health products” like protein bars and “natural” sodas.

Still want more? Well how about this study about the link between HFCS and diabetes

Researchers have found new evidence that soft drinks sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) may contribute to the development of diabetes, particularly in children. In a laboratory study of commonly consumed carbonated beverages, the scientists found that drinks containing the syrup had high levels of reactive compounds that have been shown by others to have the potential to trigger cell and tissue damage that could cause the disease, which is at epidemic levels.

Ok I think we get it. HFCS is not healthy…..but it is shocking what is allowed on mainstream media and how it is accepted by many as the solid truth! (because they wouldn’t allow it on TV if it was a lie right? Ummmm….try again) Not too mention crafty marketing with the happy music, children playing, smiling people….and the one who comes off the dumbest is the person who thinks HSFC is not good to have.

Wow…..we need to be more aware of what is going on TV, commercials and advertising. Your health is not that important, as sales and marketing comes first. If it doesn’t kill you instantly, it’s safe to most people in their eyes. So spread the knowledge, help others understand what is really going on, see all commercials and ads for what they REALLY are and take back control in your life and health….the TV is not going to look out for you!

The Yang (Day) Part – Simple Humor to Smile and Get the Message

Ok I need to mentally leave off on a good note…especially with the info above. I came across this really great site/blog called Indexed by Jessica Hagy. Truly a fun and creative blog we should all take time to look through…but I have a few of her pictures below to share, hope you enjoy!

This one is for all the HFCS people and their advertising….it says it all right there!! Lots of advertising for HFCS means….well you guessed it.

I think we have all been here before in the doctors office….as sad tale of modern health care.

All the good reason to never care what people think….as the most successful people also get the most criticism. Do what you do because of your own goals….not others opinions

Lessons in life. Do what you want, as the only thing you have left in the end is memories and regrets. Live for plenty of great memories and NO regrets! Find your passion and you will do it well.

Money Stress is probably #1 on everyone’s stress list. Master the art of not spending more than you make…and you should always have enough to go around.

We have all been at Thanksgiving before!

Less good intentions…..more action.

Where’s your mindset today? Will you do it or have you already lost the battle? You can make anything happen…if you think you can!

Above photo by ameba man

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