Simple Fitness: Take the 100 Rep Daily Challenge

Are you bored with your workouts? Burned out on doing the same stuff? Making excuses not to workout because you are “too busy” or traveling and don’t have access to a gym? Well try this out then, make every day a 100 rep challenge day. 100 reps of what? Anything you want. Pick a new exercise everyday. It can be with bodyweight only….or use weights if you have access to them. It could be a quick 15 min workout in the morning to just start your day or you could spread it out all day long. The fun and the challenge is up to you! Here’s how you do it:

  • First pick the exercise of the day. A good idea is to alternate days of “pulls” and “pushes”. You can also alternate days of bodyweight and using weights. Examples of “pushes” could be: pushups, bench press, overhead press with weights, handstand pushups (more advanced), squats with weights, 1 legged squats with only bodyweight, lunges, step-ups with weights, explosive movements (squat jumps, lunge jumps, clapping pushups), and bodyweight dips. Examples of “pulls” could be pullups/chinups, cleans/snatches with weights, upright rows (although cleans are more fun), bent over rows with weights, body rows (would need rings/straps or hang upside down from monkey bars for this), and deadlifts (sumo, regular, RDLs).
  • Now pick your resistance level to use: If you are more interested in strength and size then you probably want a resistance level (or way to modify the exercise) so that it is done so that you most likely be only able to do about 10-15 repetitions of it before muscle failure. If you are looking for a very quick workout then you can modify it as needed. How do you modify it? Well you can use heavier weights, or in the case of bodyweight exercises, make your body heavier (see the picture above….got some kids laying around to use?). Ok well maybe not kids, but you can find yourself a backpack and fill it with books, a rock, weights, sand, or whatever you like and you have a heavier bodyweight now.
  • Now just do 100 reps by the end of the day. If you want to do it all in one shot….then go for it. (good luck as your muscles will fail and you will need rest between sets) If you want to make the weights/resistance heavier and do sets of 5-10 reps all day long….do that as well. Have people in the office wondering why you are doing pushups every couple of hours. Pick a target number for the amount of reps you want to do…like 10 sets of 10…or 20 sets of 5….or 5 sets of 20. Make the challenge daily, just do something, make it happen, get to 100… excuses!

Again this is a fun challenge but one you should take seriously. If you commit to it, make it happen no matter what. Don’t start falling off little by little….there’s no excuses as you can make it quick and easy if you need to, but the goal is not quick and easy. Another fun idea may be to “roll the dice” daily. Get 6 exercises (number them 1-6) and then roll 1 dice. Whatever that number is, you do the corresponding exercise to it (Ex. a 1 could be pushups, 2 pullups, etc..). Now roll a second time with 2-3 dice (or roll 1 dice 3 times and add up the numbers). This is the resistance level you are going to use (or the Rep Max). Note that using less dice/rolls is going to be pretty heavy reps so that is for more advanced people only. So if you roll say a 15 combined, then you use the resistance level (that you think) you can only do 15 times. If you roll a 10….well then things just got harder didn’t they? Challenge yourself. Go after the weak spots you have. Do something different daily. Have fun with it in the park or with friends. Challenge each other for time on bodyweight….how long does it take you to do 100 good form pushups. You may be surprised with the results and the new found fun you are having!

Life is fun….so should be your workouts!

photo by salomon886

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