Trainer Tells…More…About What I Have Learned in Health and Fitness

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Without a doubt, my most popular article on the blog ever has been the Trainer Tells All post, with I can’t even tell you how many times it has been viewed (a ridiculously big number!).  People have asked for a “follow up”, which I always responded “Well I already told ‘all’, so what is left for me to say?” (in a joking tone).

My first “tell all” post came to me as I was out for a long mountain bike one day, and the random thoughts just started coming to me while being out in nature (mostly when I was stopped and just enjoying being outside, not while trying to dodge trees).

In keeping with the same inspiration source, I’ve been keeping notes over the last few weeks as things just “come to me” during the quiet moments of the day.

So in no particular order, here are some more thoughts…as the trainer tells “more”. Hope you enjoy as much as my first article from long ago!

  • Here’s the secret to lasting weight loss…find an enjoyable way to eat less (without feeling deprived and giving up) and move more. Done. Send your check to…..
  • Anyone who tells you that their/some way is the “only” way, is already wrong.
  • Most out there really suffer from “paralysis by analysis“.
  • There are 100s of forums filled with millions of people who are mostly just debating weight loss and muscle gaining, while there are people who don’t even have a computer getting real results.
  • I’m happier now living a more flexible/enjoyable lifestyle at a leaner 185lbs than I was trying to maintain my 215lbs in college.
  • There is more to life than going to the gym and tanning.
  • If you want better food choices at restaurants and the supermarket, stop supporting crappy ones. Vote with your fork (and wallet). Companies will give people what they want if the masses demand it (as that is their business model).
  • I like to keep life simple, and try to eat “real food” most of the time….and not worry about being perfect.
  • If you are not happy with yourself right now, getting more muscle or a leaner body will not solve it (although nothing wrong with wanting to look good, just don’t obsess over it as see the previous bullet point above).
  • I still get a chuckle when exercise companies send me 150+ page catalogs filled with the latest and greatest training tools (why do we need all this?).
  • If you think you need to be HUUUGE to act tough, remember Bruce Lee at 145lbs could whoop most anyone’s butt over 200lbs.
  • Science and research seems to prove 2 things on a consistent basis, what my grandma already knew is true and we really don’t know much about how the body works.
  • When did kids get to eat what they wanted all the time? When I was a kid I was not crazy about eating pork chops and veggies, but the other option of going to bed hungry was not a good choice either!
  • The fact that kids need “planned activities” to get out of the house is sad, as back in the day we just rode our bikes around the neighborhood until the street lights came on.
  • Kids and grown ups don’t want to “work out”, but they both want to go out and “play”.
  • Getting very close to 40, I only really am concerned about being able to lift things and move my own body without injury….not going to worry about exercises to isolate my calf muscles.
  • All so-called “public service messages” based on fear marketing of something from drug companies (you may have xyz disease!) are just fancy sales pitches for you getting treated with their meds…and it is working.
  • It is amazing when you decide to take care of yourself and not depend on anyone else, how easy and rewarding it is.
  • So many people want to make dieting and fitness an “all or nothing” full time focus, no wonder so many people burn out.
  • If I can train at home and get results with only using bodyweight and resistance bands, you don’t have an excuse.
  • I canceled my gym membership again, because I’d rather go play outside.
  • I canceled my gym membership again, because I needed the personal reminder that eating is where most of my results come from.
  • I canceled my gym membership again, because exercise can happen anywhere.
  • I canceled my gym membership again, because walking on a treadmill watching TVs on all different 24hr news channels was not relaxing at all…and more stressful.
  • Less is more, hence why I have deleted most of my internet explorer bookmarks and RSS subscriptions.
  • Knowledge without action is useless.
  • I’ve read about as much as I care to about exercise and fitness, I get it. Time to explore other passions in life.
  • I don’t like labels on how I eat (low-carb, Paleo, etc), as I change it daily depending on how I feel and recovery needs. I am in full control of my choices daily….and never tied to just any one way.
  • People who exercise can enjoy their vices (in moderation of course).
  • People who flex in the mirror at the gym in my opinion probably really just need a hug.
  • If you still need to count calories, you are probably not eating the right foods in the first place.
  • Losing weight and building muscle is not that hard, just look at some of the people who do it (not rocket science).
  • Unless someone has kept the weight off for a couple years, no one should be listening to anyone bragging about “quick” weight loss (aka Hollywood and other celebs). Most gain it all right back.
  • If your mentality is “I need to lose 30lbs, how do I do it?”, then you are already setting yourself up for failure.
  • If your mentality is “How do I lose a couple lbs a week?”, then you are setting yourself up for a life of success. (apply same strategy to putting on muscle if that is your goal)
  • I stopped taking fish oil, once I stopped eating fatty grain fed meat all the time…and added in more sardines and herring. I feel much better.
  • Being “fit” is too many people’s obsession, and no one really knows what it means in the first place.
  • Most guys want their body to look like Arnold in “Conan”, most women want a guy’s body to look like Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”.
  • Walking around in sandals and barefoot (in house) is the easiest way for anyone to get the muscles in their feet strong again (and even help correct posture issues).
  • If I were to start another training studio (which I am not) it would still be like the one I had long ago…a small room with only resistance bands, bodyweight straps and dumbbells.
  • If I can’t remember the workout in my head during training, it is too complicated for me.
  • My motto nowadays in regards to training can be summed up in 3 quotes: “Go hard”, “Don’t do stupid sh*t” and “Don’t get injured“….usually #2 and #3 go hand in hand.
  • I eat ice cream, pizza and burgers on occasion. I make no apologies for it, and neither should you.
  • I don’t want to be called an “expert” anymore, as that term has dropped in quality over the years since the explosion of the internet.
  • Cultures of people who live long and healthy have varied diets, but usually 2 things in common….they eat real food, and they eat less than most everyone else.
  • I don’t do fancy marketing or sales tricks (even though I know most of them all), I just try and be someone that I would want to listen to…as I hate being sold to all the time.
  • Most people probably have to spend alot of money on supplements, diet books and/or exercise programs before they “really get it” and know how simple it all is. I know I did.
  • I use the 80/20 rule when it comes to all things health and fitness…I will focus on the 20% that gives 80% of the results and not get obsessed over the other “minute” 80% that only give 20% in return. Then I have plenty of free time to go live life before it passes me by.
  • If I can’t enjoy a beer with friends after doing something fun and active, I probably don’t want any part of it.
  • Knowing my own tendencies and body type is important. I like to workout hard/explosive, run/skate fast in spurts and eat big meals when I am hungry. Once I tailored my lifestyle around that (including knowing when to plan in recovery), I have never been happier and still get the body composition I am after.
  • Most Hollywood stars take 4-8+ months to get ready for a role and look good on camera. So why do most people think they can get it done in 2-4 weeks?
  • I enjoy eating, and enjoy it even more after a hard workout. I generally don’t snack, as that is just torture for me (I get really hungry from it).
  • You can get lean and fit eating fast food burgers and snickers bars when the total daily calories are low enough, but I can’t give you any guarantees on your overall state of health as skinny people get cancer and heart disease too.
  • Doctors who are not telling their patients to get off their butt and eat less/move more to improve their health are just being cowards. Time to stop worrying about people’s feelings and tell it like it is!
  • Don’t blame the fast food industry for obesity, as I drive past 20 fast food chains a day and don’t stop in each one. It is still a personal choice on what to eat, no one is holding a gun to anyone’s head.
  • The best way to be healthy is to understand what you are eating and it’s impact on your body. Ignore that and all bets are off.
  • The best way to win the long term “war” on obesity and disease, is to get people to “wake up” and become aware of their own choices. We need to embrace the positive solutions of eating and exercise for health and prevention. If we don’t save ourselves, no one else will do it for us!
  • “This is your life and it’s ending one minute at a time.” (Fight Club)…let’s get busy living!

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